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Our Priceless Story

Lance & Melaney met in college at the University of Toledo. Lance was on a co-op in New Jersey, when the two began flirting via Instagram. He “slid in the DMs” and the rest was history.

The two spent all day texting and talking. When they met for the first time in Carlson Library Melaney was smitten by Lance’s witty humor and intellectual prowess. While Lance was attracted to Melaney’s luscious natural hair and affectionate smile.

They started as friends that enjoyed going to the movies, bowling, and studying together. During undergrad they would become President and Vice President of the Black Student Union. It wasn’t long until the friendship blossomed and two started dating.

The couple developed a love for traveling and have visited more than 10 countries together. On each trip their love deepens through their passion for adventure and new experiences.

As we begin our life as one in holy matrimony we want to thank everyone who has supported us along the way. Get ready to Party with the Prices!
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